Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bass Pro Maryam

Maryam had PT again today. I just LOVE her physical therapist because she sees things that I don't. She noticed that Maryam won't put weight on her left shoulder, so we've been working on that. Now she noticed that Maryam doesn't put weight on her right hip. Well, that might have something to do with the shoulder problem! If she's not putting weight on her right hip she can't put weight on her left shoulder. (this is all while she's on her tummy) So, I'm supposed to hold her right hip directly under her keeping her leg straight down to where her knee hits the ground. But only her right leg. And when I do this, I notice she starts distributing the weight on upper body over to her left shoulder and balancing herself out.
I'm also supposed to work on stopping her from using her extender muscles. Apparently she's using all of her muscles to "open herself up," and not using the opposite muscle. For example, on her legs, she uses the muscles on the top of her thighs, but not the muscles on the back of her thighs. Same with her torso, she'll arch her back, but she won't use her stomach muscles. Her therapist gave me exercises to help Maryam use the muscles that she isn't using. This is supposed to help her with balance and movement.
I spoke to her therapist about what the pediatrician said about cutting out therapy until the end of cold/flu season. She was very sweet about it, didn't pressure me and told me that I'm the parent and if I want to cut the therapy than its my choice. She said I was right that Maryam will do all these things eventually, just on a slower pace and that the therapy may help her get there quicker, but if she's too sick to do any of it, than we're not helping her. Brett and I will make a decision soon as to whether or not we're going to discontinue therapy until the end of April.
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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you two will make the right decision. Oh by the way, I love Maryam's shoes. She is always so stylist. Not sure I spelled that right! Have a good weekend. Love, Marietta

Maryam's Mommy said...

Thanks Marietta! Those shoes came from Maryam's Auntie Brande and Uncle JJ. (Brett's sister and BIL) They are REALLY cute! They're size 2 and she's almost out grown them. But her Momom and Popop (Brett's parents) bought her a new pair of size 3 shoes today.