Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Maryam drank water today! She had an ounce and a half from a bottle! It was a beautiful day to day here in The Deuce. So, this afternoon we all spent the day outside. Maryam was playing in her Jumperoo and I did some yard work while Mr. Bishop wandered the backyard. It was 87 degrees, she was dressed lightly and she started giving me her tell for being thirsty/hungry. She sort of opens and shuts her mouth while making a sucking sound with her tongue and lips. I went inside to get a bottle filled with water to attempt to put in her mouth. The exciting part is she actually leaned in for it! I sort of manipulate the nipple so that water squirts out of it into her mouth. I do this ALL the time, its the only way we can get water out of the bottle since she can't suck the nipple. I kept squirting it into her mouth and she'd lean in for it. She'd get a mouth full, swallow and open her mouth again! When she got enough she'd close her mouth or turn her head, but after a few seconds she'd want some more! This went on for about 2 hours and all in all she got an ounce and a half!!!! Hooray for Maryam!
Some of the moms in my Preemie Group (They are Internet Saints!) said there is a cup called a Honey Bear Cup with straw that is supposed to help control the flow of liquid going into the baby's mouth. I bought this tonight to see if it works for Maryam. If she'll continue to let me poor water into her mouth from a bottle, maybe this will be a good transitional tool. Wish us luck!
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Wow, that is exciting. Keep up the good work. Love, Marietta Oh, hope Brett is feeling better, now Ken is sick. Three straight weeks of one of being sick. It sucks!