Thursday, March 20, 2008

PT - Physical Therapy not play time

These are some photos of Maryam playing with her toys and her new "toy" Honey Bear Cup. She plays with her new cup like its a toy. She hasn't let me put it in her mouth yet today, but I'm hoping I'll be able to later. I've been trying ALL day.
Maryam had PT today. It seems her right hip has gotten even worse! She's at the point now where if she's sitting on her hiny she can whip her right leg almost all the way out behind her without ever bending her knee. So, the PT gave me some exercises to try on the hip to see if we can stop that.
The PT was super happy that Maryam is able to pull herself into a sitting position over both hips! I thought she was only going one way, but she proved me wrong. She's still trying to crawl using only one arm but she's getting better at least trying to use her right arm. And she's pulling herself up on to her knees now too. Nothing else new to report!
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