Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Honey Bear Cup

I mentioned to Maryam's EI teacher that her PT thinks Maryam's fine motor skills are grossly delayed and suggested having Maryam sit at a tray and use her hands. The PT thinks that by having her sit at a tray she'll have to lean forward using her tummy muscles and she'll work on her fine motor skills playing with her toys. Maryam's EI teacher agreed and we set up this little chair and tray to see what Maryam did. You can see what she did when she got tired! She just sort of leaned over backwards and upside down when she got tired of sitting up.
Maryam' Honey Bear Cup came in today. And of course, she doesn't like it. At first she wouldn't even let me put the straw in her mouth, but as the day moved on she got more comfortable with it. She let me put the straw in her mouth, but when the water would come she'd just spit it out. I have to work on that behavior quickly. I don't want her to think that doing that is normal or OK. She drank at least 2 ounces of water today and she enjoyed some more french onion dip. Turns out she doesn't like asparagus spears, she is definitely her Daddy's daughter!
Aunite Sarah and Charlie have been visiting for the past 2 days and Maryam has really picked up on Charlie's movements. Charlie is pulling herself up to stand, she pulls herself up on the furniture, on toys, and on us! Tonight Maryam pulled herself up to stand too! She just grabbed the reclining chair and my mom's legs and pulled herself up! She did it earlier too on a toy, it freaked me out! I kept thinking she was going to bang her head, but she didn't. She did this a few nights ago too, I guess she's just growing up! Also, Maryam is successfully pulling herself up to a sitting position all by herself now. I saw her do it at least 7 times today! I just can't believe how much she's accomplished in the past few months, I'm so proud of her.
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