Friday, March 21, 2008

Trying to stand

Maryam didn't stand up this time, but she sure is trying really hard. I just cannot get over how much she's changed in the past few months. Like my friend Jen said of her daughter Hannah, "Where did my baby go?" They just grow up so fast! Maryam and Hannah were due 1 day apart, Maryam March 22 and Hannah March 23. Tomorrow is Maryam's "Woulda Shoulda" 1st Birthday. Its so strange to think that we celebrated Maryam's first birthday last year, almost 4 months ago and yet we were "supposed" to be doing it tomorrow. I have very mixed, very strange emotions and feelings about this.
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Anonymous said...

Wow it is crazy to think she would have been one tomorrow! Take is for what it is though, you can't change or could have changed anything about when she was born. She's growing & developing well & thank God for that! She's a happy little blessing for sure! Have a great Easter & send our love to everyone there!