Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Brett's birthday! Happy Birthday Baby Daddy! I hope you enjoyed your party and presents!
Since it was Bretty Crocker's birthday we couldn't have him bake and decorate his own cake, so my mom baked his cake and I decorated it. You won't see a photo of the cake though, I'm not nearly as good a decorator as the Hub is!
The above photos were taken while I was changing Maryam's cannula. Now that we're experimenting with more foods, her tape and cannula are both getting stained and icky! Her tape was dyed orange today from the carrots she had for breakfast. And don't get me started on trying to get peanut butter out of a cannula. Its nearly impossible!
So, something strange happened today. Yesterday we changed Maryam's oxygen tank because it was empty. I looked at the regulator and it was set at 1/4 liter. Well, I only turn her up to 1/4 when she's playing hard, doing exercises or eating. I have no idea why it was set so high. I'm not saying I never forget, but seriously, I'm VERY cautious of it. I don't think I've forgotten to turn it down yet! Well, anyway, we changed the tank out yesterday afternoon. I changed the regulator back down to 1/8 and we went about our day and night as usual. This morning when Maryam woke up Brett took her out of her bed and put her on me. We had some fun cuddle and tickle time. I noticed I could hear the air coming out of her cannula. I figured it was just peanut butter causing the cannula to whistle or something. But then later in the morning we noticed that the tank was almost out again. WEIRD. When I checked the regulator it was up to 3/4 liter! What the heck? Now, I know Maryam can't change it when she's feeling short of breath....and I know only Brett and I actually adjust it when she's breathing hard from playing, eating or exercising. So, how are the settings on the regulator changing? Any theories? Ghost? Mr. Bishop? A Regulator Fairy? Your guess is as good as mine!
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