Friday, February 8, 2008

Choco Baby

Maryam and her new exercise ball....
Daddy's experiment with chocolate pie.

Maryam in her long johns....the best part about this is those long johns are 18 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t!

Brett decided to try chocolate pie tonight. Note that he didn't even bother to put her in her high chair, he just smeared some pie on her face to see what she'd do. Well, for a girl who doesn't seem to like anything sweet, she sure licked her lips a lot! Notice her lips are licked clean, its her chin and her cannula that still have chocolate on them. She looks really funny though! Almost as if she has a mustache and goatee, throw in what looks to be a mullet and she's really something to look at!
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Bec said...

YAY! For chocolate pie! She looks like she enjoyed it.

chrissy said...

Why didn't we think of chocolate before? Anna is *barely* in 18 month clothes. I can't wait to see them play together in March!