Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Great Valentine's Day Disaster of 2008

We were planning to go to dinner tonight for V-day. I went to print up instructions on feeds/meds for my parents to watch Maryam. I'm gone 2 minutes when I hear the O2 tank fall, Brett yell "Oh shit", and Maryam start screaming. Her O2 tank fell on her face leaving her with a cut on her left eye, a bruise on her left cheek and a hole, yes a HOLE on her right side temple! Happy Freakin' Valentine's Day, right? So, we go to the ER where the doc tries to glue her HOLE shut before deciding a stitch will be necessary. She didn't want to do an MRI because Maryam's skull felt fine, no soft spots, and she was acting normal. The doctor figured that she's been exposed to more than her share of radiation so far in her life, why expose her to more? I don'thave an opinion as long as she's fine. So far, she seems fine. I'm not, I'm totally shaken up over it. I just can't believe something else happened to her. And it makes me terribly sad that it was something avoidable.
Apparantly when you run into the ER and tell the registration person that you have an infant with a head injury who is bleeding, they get you in right away. We were in and out in about an hour and a half. I was so nervous to take her though. She has pneumonia. The last thing she needs is to be sitting in an ER with a bunch of sick people. There was only 2 people in the waiting room and when we got in there were only 5 beds being used. And fortunately the doc came to see Maryam in less than 5 minutes of entering the ER. We told her what happened and that she had just been diagnosed with pneumonia two days ago (TOTALLY NOT MARYAM'S WEEK) the doc questioned why she wasn't in the hospital. When I told her that our doc thinks its safer keeping her out of the hospital as long as the antibiotics were working she looked at me like I was insane. And said, "that's an interesting approach." What the heck does that mean? Like I'm not stressed out enough?
When we got home she wanted to sleep. We kept her up another hour or so then layed her down in bed. She fell asleep right away. We were told to wake her up once during the night to make sure we are able to wake her. Then we are to check her extremities and her awareness of us.
Happy Valentine's Day, I hope yours was less stressfull than ours.

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Judith and Jason said...

Crap, what a week. You guys need to catch a break! I love how the Dr needs to tell you his thoughts. I hate that-you don't need more drama.
Well I guess all you can go is up from here! Feel better mom and Maryam!
Judith from Preemie Mom's Blog