Friday, February 15, 2008

The aftermath...

The stitch.
Maryam is in good spirits, per usual. She went to bed early, consequently, she woke up early! 5AM EARLY! I was up with her until 6:30AM when I asked Brett to take over. His idea of taking over? Putting her in bed with us and falling back to sleep. She in turn fell asleep as well. So, it was a BRILLIAN idea!
Other than looking pale, having a bruise on her left cheek and a stitch on her right temple, Maryam looks great! She's playing normally, making all the noises she usually makes and acting normal. I have noticed if I'm just a little bit late on giving her the Tylenol or Motrin her temperature goes back up and she gets REALLY fussy. So, I'm going to keep the regimin going until the temperature stays down. Poor little punkin.
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