Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First 24 hours down....

Well, today went better than I thought it was going to go. Maryam is handling her antibiotic well, she didn't get any side affects or have an allergic reaction. She started playing more this afternoon, but as the evening drew nearer she started getting cranky and hot again. She didn't nap much today. She had a 10 minute nap around 1pm and another 20 minute nap after 5pm. But around 7:30 or so, she started getting hot again and consequently whiney. It just seems like she can't get comfortable. Both Brett and I have tried rocking her to sleep, but she doesn't seem to either want to go to sleep, or just can't because she's so uncomfortable.
Her doc told us to keep her in a onsie and if she gets cold put some socks and light pants on her. We don't have onsies though because we can't access her button through a onsie. I looked in one of the bags from her baby shower (which was in April 2007) and I found 5 9 month onsies. So, now I've got something to work with. She keeps trying to pull it off though. She's so funny like that. Maybe because she's use to wearing two piece clothes, I don't know.
She tried helping with her Albuterol treatment again. She does the strangest things, she actually tried putting the tube attached to the nebulizer in her mouth. She rarely puts anything in her mouth, so why this? I wonder if I can make her formula into a vapor and have her inhale her food! JUST KIDDING. Inhaling her food is exactly why she had the fundo and g-tube placed in the first place.
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