Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feeling Better!

Here is Maryam helping with her Albuterol treatment. We had to increase her treatments up to 3 times per day until the pneumonia is gone.
Maryam playing with her piano. We have a little Schroeder in our mix.
She is still looking a little peeked but she's feeling MUCH better. Sure hope she gets her color back soon though!
Maryam's doctor's nurse just called and let us know that Maryam tested negative for RSV. Hooray! Maryam's fever is under control. The highest its been today is 100 degrees. She's back to playing and "motor boating" again. Nurse Sherri told me that Maryam's pneumonia is in both the upper and lower departments of her right lung. But she was really happy to hear that the antibiotics are working so well. Sherri felt so bad for us yesterday. Maryam's fever was so high that her whole body was red. We could feel the heat radiating off of her from a few feet away. Poor little baby.
Today she's still really weak. She won't spend much time on her tummy at all and she's having a hard time staying seated for long periods of time. But I just can't get her to nap! She slept for 10 minutes after 1pm today, but c'mon! She's sick, shouldn't she want to sleep a lot? Another thing I noticed is that she's still breathing kind of hard and fast. But hopefully the extra breathing treatments will help all that. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! They always work.
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