Sunday, January 27, 2008

104, is that right?

Last night Maryam's fever was up to 104. I haven't checked it today. I know she's still really hot, but we've been giving her the Tylenol every 4 hours like we were told. Hopefully she'll start to feel better tonight or tomorrow morning. Her doc said that after a day of anti-biotics she should feel better. Well, she's already had 3 doses.
Tomorrow we have to go to SD for her Synagis shot. I'm going to call ahead and let them know she's sick so they can isolate her from the other medically fragile babies. I'd hate for those little babies to get sick from her. However, I don't think ear infections are contagious, but 'what if' its something else. Not worth the risk.
Last night wasn't as bad as the night before. Brett took the first shift and he stayed up with her until 3am. He said she just slept and played, so that's good! And when he put her in bed she stayed asleep until 7am! That's GREAT for me! I was up all night the night before, I really needed some sleep.
I forgot to mention that Maryam gained more weight. Her weight at the doctor's office was 18lbs. 6.8ozs! Hooray! That put her in the 5% for her ACTUAL AGE!!!! How great is that? She's FINALLY on the chart!

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