Sunday, November 18, 2007

stuff on her daddy.

Now that Maryam is older, having a pulse oximeter on her foot isn't something that she enjoys! Maryam is VERY aware of her tubes and wires and I think she plays with them like she plays with her toys. If she can reach them, she'll play with them, put them in her mouth, or wrap them around her body.
This book is Maryam's new favorite toy. Sarah got one for Charlie and she loves it, Maryam played with Charlie's and loved it so we went and got her one. The cloth pages have paper in them and Maryam LOVES the sound of crinkling paper. Brett though that it was cute that she fell asleep with her book. So cute that he had to put a role of her tummy tape on her head to "see if she can balance it."

Maryam fell asleep in her daddy's arms watching the Chargers lose. She has her Chargers onsie on, but it didn't help today.

More stuff on her head. You can see that she doesn't look very good in this photo. We had to take her back to the doctor on Friday because she got another fever. It was up to 101.1 at one point. Thankfully the Tylenol helped lower it and control it, but because of her history, they always make us bring her in to be looked at. She had Pedialite again and she lost some more weight again, but she's doing well now! She's been on formula all day today and has only had one retching episode! So, that's fantastic! AND, no fever today! The last time she had a fever was last night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Hope Maryam is feeling better. Adrianna didn't like the bow on her head and wanted me to erase it. I think she thought it hurt her. So I told her I took it off. Hope you have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgivings. Love, Marietta