Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Maryam on a dog and in a tree!

Daddy thought it would be fun to see if Mr. Bishop would let Maryam ride him...and he did. He just sat there and let her grab his ears and fur. Such a good puppy!
In Monday night Brett and I brought Maryam over to Grandma and Grandpa Langdon's house to teach them how to work Maryam's feeding pump, how to hook up her feeding tube and distribute her meds. They're going to be taking care of her when we go to Lynn and Justin's wedding. They learned quick. Grandpa has the feeding and meds down perfectly.
During the day on Tuesday Grandma was out fertilizing her roses so we took Maryam out to play too. She had fun discovering the sand in her toes and between her fingers. I say sand because it sounds more exotic than dirt!!! We have lots of beach, but no ocean!
Grandpa thought it would be fun to put our little monkey baby in the tree! And she thought it was fun too! She would have sat there longer if we let her. Our little Mamu is fearless!

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Anonymous said...

She looks like she's doing great! Just darling! Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Be sure to tell Justin congrats! I didn't know he was getting married! When is he? That is wonderful! Hope all is well. Take care & once again have a good Thanksgiving!