Thursday, November 22, 2007

Baby's 1st Thanksgiving!

Family portrait. Me, Maryam and Brett. We spent the day at my parent's house. Justin and Lynn came over and we had a good time. Turkey and all the fixin's. (As my friend Gail said)
Here is Maryam and her little wolf that Aunt Brande got her. The dress she's wearing is the dress Brett bought on the day we found out we were having a little girl. Its super cute! Pink and brown of course. We added the pants because it got cold here today.
The jammies she's wearing actually say Baby's 1st Thanksgiving and it has Pooh and Tigger on it. Its super cute, just like her.
In this photo Maryam and the wolf were having a heart to heart conversation. I decided to take a picture and she looked right at the camera and smiled. Priceless.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We all have lots to give thanks for. Family, friends, health....what more can you ask for? I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families and friends, after all, that's what life is all about!
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Anonymous said...

Jen in that picture of you and Maryam, you can definitely tell you've lost some weight. Keep up the good work. Love ya, Mayda