Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family and friends

Lots of visitors this weekend!!! Here is Auntie Mayda with Maryam. For those of you who know Mayda you know its rare to actually snap a photo of her smiling! Hooray for us!
I took this picture of Maryam and Uncle Scott to show that Maryam likes Tennessee too!!! Apparently she's not just a USC girl! Thank goodness they won on Saturday!
This picture is for Auntie Pami. Auntie Pami bought little Maryam this whole outfit. Grandma Sherri didn't keep it on her long, but at least Mommy was able to keep it on her long enough to get a good picture!

And here is a shot of little Maryam's face! We had to reposition her nasal cannula because the prongs were digging into her little face and bothering her. So, we figured we'd get a few good shots of her face without tubes on it. Isn't it a beautiful face? Funny though, to me it looks like she's missing something!

Tomorrow Maryam starts Occupational Therapy for her oral dysfunction. She'll be seen 2 times a week for at least 26 weeks. The only problem we have with that is how much its going to cost us in gas!!! We have to drive to Palm Springs twice a week for OT. That's about 90 miles round trip!!! But she absolutely needs it, so we're absolutely going to do it! Wish her luck!!! I'll let you know how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool listening to her say MaMa. She is so adorable. Thank you so much for always sharing with us. Can't wait to see you on Sunday. You look great! Hope theapy went well. Love, Marietta

Anonymous said...

Thanks, love that pic. Love the comment posted also. You are the best.