Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Occupational Therapy

Maryam had her first appointment with her new Occupational Therapist Amanda. She's very nice and super informative. She has a different approach to oral dysfunction than her other OT's have had in the past. She wants to try to desensitize her other senses in an attempt to desensitize her mouth and gag reflex. We have to give her a baby massage every 2 hours using a surgical scrub and we have to giver her external and internal mouth stimulation 6 times a day. She seems to LOVE the massage, who wouldn't? But she really dislikes the oral stimulation. Amanda said that the baby massage could make her cranky, but so far she hasn't had that problem...yet. Her next apt. is on Thursday morning. Brett and his mother will be taking her down for OT, a weight check and to pick up some more meds. I'll be getting my hair done for Justin and Lynn's wedding! Fun, fun, fun!!!
I'll have Brett give me the run down so I can let you guys know how it goes on Thursday and I'll definitely be posting pictures of the wedding!!!
Oh and I hope you all got a chance to check out the new video! She's constantly calling Mama now! Its so funny!!! I LOVE it!
And also, go check out Charlie Mae's pictures! She is SO cute! And so happy! Here is an example of just how cute she is.

And congratulations MAGSIGS!! They found out that they'll be having their THIRD boy!! Julie, you're going to have your hands full! But like I said, my S-I-L has three boys and LOVES it!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that little shout out there! We are pretty excited! Now if we could just choose another M name! Can you believe your baby girl is going to have a birthday soon!? How fast a year goes! She is just darling saying Mama. I remember I wanted Mason to say Mama so bad, & then he never stopped! I also saw you signing to her. Michael is constantly signing "more & please". It's amazing how fast they pick it up! That is great. Charlie Mae is a cutie pie, tell Sarah I said so! Also tell Justin congrats on taking the plunge!
Take Care