Friday, November 30, 2007

Another OT apt.

Brett and his mother took Maryam to her second OT appointment on Thursday morning. Amanda, her OT, had us buy an Oral B Pulsar toothbrush to use on the outside of Maryam's mouth. She showed both Brett and Grandma how to use the brush and the steps we'll be taking in the next couple of weeks to help desensitize Maryam's little mouth. She still seems to be enjoying her massage with her surgical brush and her joint massage too. So, that's good news. AND, we've been able to get food in her mouth and have it stay in there too! Usually the first 2 feedings of the day she's less interested in food than she is by the third feeding of the day. But by the 3rd feeding, we've massaged her gums 3 or 4 times already and she's had 6 massages with the brush.
Brett's parents had Maryam all night last night! Grandma said that Maryam ate well for her today. We went to OC for Justin and Lynn's rehearsal dinner. My parents got us a room at Embassy Suites for our anniversary. Today we had breakfast and lunch with the fam and made it home for dinner with Brett's parents. Maryam was SO happy to see us! She smiled REALLY big and reached for us! It was GREAT! She is finally reaching for us! Now, if only we could get her to crawl!

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