Saturday, December 1, 2007

Its SO hard to be a baby!

Maryam had fun today. First we MADE her eat her breakfast. That is always a challenge, but at least she's not crying through the entire meal anymore. I try my hardest to make it so that she won't cry. The whole process has to be as positive as possible.

Then, she got tired. Usually she has a morning nap. Today, she opted to have a shorter morning nap than usual. She clocked a whole 15 minutes in her swing. Then it was time to play!! She LOVES glasses, you've seen pictures of her before wearing or playing with her Harry Potter glasses, but today, she went a step further. She seemed to be wanting to put the glasses on herself, so daddy and I helped. And once they were on her face she was SO happy! She smiled for the camera and every picture we took!
So, around 3:00 she was SUPER tired! For those of you who have spent time with little Maryam, you're aware that she really only cries when something hurts, she has to go poop and it won't come out, or she's overly tired. Well, she was crying and crying and crying, because all she needed to do was sleep and she just wasn't having it! Like her daddy says, she was fighting the nonny and needed to embrace the nonny. FINALLY, after a few verses of "Go to sleep little Maryam, go to sleep little Maryam" to the tune of Lullaby and Goodnight, that she finally drifted off. The best part though, is the position she found comfortable. She looks like she's ready to box.
And once she woke up, she wanted to call everyone and tell them. She really wanted her daddy to hold her and she wanted even more to use daddy's cell phone!

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