Thursday, November 15, 2007

Optometrist or Harry Potter fan?

So, some of you don't know this, but Maryam LOVES glasses! She'll pull them off of your face, your shirt, your head, where ever! She LOVES them. So, we found some play Harry Potter glasses she can do whatever she wants to with. And she does! She tries putting them on whoever will let her. She bangs them on things, she puts them in her mouth and she will fall on her face just trying to pick them up.
So we ask, Harry Potter fan or future OD or Opthomologist? We have read Harry Potter to her and she has seen both an Optometrist and an, who know?
As you can see she's finally sitting unassisted! Hooray! She reaches for her toys and has improved her balancing so much that when she starts to fall she can stop herself!
She's showing off! She's waving to you all.
We saw the new neonatologist yesterday. He was really nice, but like I said, I LOVE her old Neonatologists so I really don't want to make the switch. He agrees, "something" is wrong with Maryam, but that's all we got. He thinks its probably another tummy infection and that we'll just have to ride it out. He said that could affect her breathing. "Could" though isn't very encouraging if you ask me....but doctors don't ask me!
Her home teacher came today and was very happy with her development over the past week! Hooray for her! She is sitting better and she's holding toys in each hand and she using her pincer grasp more! She did really good on her tummy time too. She got up on her hands and knees and rocked! FINALLY! So, I guess that's one of the first signs that she's getting ready to crawl. Its still going to be a while because her arms aren't strong enough to keep her up for very long. But the fact that she's going through the motions is fantastic news!
I left a message to schedule her OT, so hopefully we'll hear from them soon. The sooner the better!
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Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds like all good news. I'm glad she is feeling better. Hope her infections goes away. That could be why she isn't that hungry. Maryam will do things on her own time. She is so adorable and hope she is at the wedding so I can hug and kiss her. Take good care and keep up the good work. Oh I viewed Charlie Mae's album and she is growing too and so adorable.So everyone have a Happy Thanksgivings. Love to all, Marietta

Emily said...

She looks so precious in these pictures! I hope the infection clears up soon!

I tagged you for a meme.