Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Maryam's Grandma, my mother, had a birthday on Friday! Sarah, Scott and Charlie Mae and Smokey all came to help celebrate. Maryam had fun playing with her cousin and Smokey. She LOVES dogs! The dress she is wearing in the above picture was brought to her from her daddy! He picked it up on his last business trip. So cute! It says, "All aboard the Polar Train" and it has little winter creatures in train cars. Super adorable!
Here is a picture of Maryam playing in her Jumperoo. She's enjoying it much more lately. She'll stay in there anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. I took her out at 45 minutes because she started breathing too hard. I guess its a lot of work for her little body to play so hard!
More tummy time! I've been making her do more tummy time than she enjoys. BUT, she has to! I keep telling her that she's not allowed to skip the bottle and crawling. And since its impossible to make her drink from the bottle, I'm going to MAKE her crawl whether she likes it or not. I know it hurts her tummy because of her G-tube, but hopefully she'll get past it and start motoring right along.
As you can see, she's getting MUCH better at sitting on her own. She has really good trunk control, but she has major balancing issues!!! Its actually quite amusing. But she has started putting her hands back when she starts to fall backwards or putting them down on her sides when she starts to fall sideways, but her arms just don't seem strong enough to actually stop her from falling. So, she gets the concept, but doesn't have the strength to use it. Her teacher came on Friday and was pleasantly surprised at how much better she's gotten at sitting on her own. And how much better at playing with her toys she's gotten while doing tummy time.
Unfortunately Maryam woke up today with more tummy problems. It appears that the diarrhea is back and so is the "vomiting." She tried to push out every ounce of milk that I put in her tummy. I think I'm going to try Pedialite at her next feeding and see how she does.
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