Monday, November 12, 2007

Green Babies Still Rule!

Maryam is feeling much better! She isn't having diarrhea anymore and she's holding her milk down more. Not much new to report...which is GOOD! A nurse from Nursefinders came today to meet Maryam. Unfortunately, her schedule and our schedule just don't mesh well together, so she won't be Maryam's home health nurse. That's OK with me though!
Here is Maryam in her camping/tailgating/hunting chair that daddy got her!

And here is Maryam in Grandpa's hat. I guess she might end up being a hunter after all. DARN.
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Anonymous said...

I love the dress Brett bought her, she is so adorable. She probably didn't gain much weight because of the diarrhea. I'm sure once that is completely gone, she will start gaining. I know how much of a worry it for you. But be patient and she will come around. Glad your Mom had a good BD! I stopped at the ranch on Saturday to see Uncle Pete and Aunt Mable. Uncle Pete had been in the hospital from passing out during the week, but he looked good. He will be 91 on the 18th and he said he is just living too long. Poor Aunt Mable looks like she has aged 20 years in the past year. Caring for Uncle Pete has taken a toll on her. Poor thing. I also saw Ronnie and he is moving to Visalia. Maybe he will be close to Brian. Well hope all is well and hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. We are going to the races in Irwindale. Hopefully Chad will be able to finish a race, he has had a terrible year at racing, maybe it will turn around. Keep him in your thoughts. Love to you and the family, Marietta