Friday, August 17, 2007

We're moving....and it isn't fun!!!

Well, another uneventful day in the world of Maryam eating. She still won't take her bottle. I tried 3 different bottles today and I tried pedialite and sugar water again. She's just not interested. I started reading about oral aversion on the internet and it just made me sad. There are babies that don't eat at all until they're 3 or 4 years old. I can't imagine having to battle with her for that long. Its heart breaking. But I guess I wouldn't want anything in my mouth after going through everything she's gone through. From the literature I've read, it seems the more times a baby is intubated, the more harm it does as far as them developing an oral or food aversion. She was intubated 3 times and 2 of those times were for long periods. The literature also said that babies with G-tubes experience hunger and being full diferently than we do. Also, since she was on a ventilator and has such a hard time breathing, she never really learned that she is supposed to eat from the bottle. Up to this point, sucking on the bottle could quite possibly have been just the sucking reflex all babies are born with. But now, at her age, the reflex has gone away and she has to suck using the skills and knowlege that she has learned. But she may never have fully learned it because she was concentrating so hard on breathing. Consequently, she probably does not associate being hungry and taking the bottle to get rid of that hunger. She never learned it the way other babies do. Hopefully theropy will help her get past this struggle. Its going to be long road, and I'm sad that we have to be on it, but hey, like I always say......It can always be worse!
And on that note, this will be my last post until Monday. We will be spending the rest of the weekend packing and moving. Bummer! I'm really going to miss San Diego, our beautiful home and our wonderful friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi! sounds like you are going to be very busy. Love those pictures! Be strong . Time will heal all. Say Hi to your mom for me. Take care. Love Anna

Anonymous said...

Grumpy sounded SO excited about finally getting to hold Maryam! The best of Birthday gifts! How wonderful you took time out of such a hectic schedule to go up there...what a blessing you are to the family. Love, Aunt Helen