Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 4...took the bottle a little!

This is how happy Maryam was when she woke up this morning! She is such a happy baby!!! We went to the doctor this morning and he tried to feed her to see how she reacted to the bottle. He too, was a little surprised by how she just pushed it away, or turned her head, or pushed the bottle out with her tongue. She gave him the "no thank you" look that I'm all too familiar with. He made the usual suggestions, new nipples, glucose water, Pedialite and made sure to tell me to "offer her the bottle at every feeding." DUH! When we got home I tried the "bate and switch" which worked very well in the hospital when we were trying to get her to breastfeed. (one of our favorite nurses Carly taught us that one! she's RAD, we miss her.) I put the pacifier in Maryam's mouth and after she started getting a rhythm, I pulled it out real fast and put the bottle in her mouth. She would suck on it for about 20 seconds and then stop!!! But at least I know that she is still physically capable of sucking on the bottle! Now I just have to convince her that its FUN! Yeah, right!

I went to coffee with my girlfriend Jessica tonight, we had a great time. Our last weekly coffee date for a while, since we're moving on Sunday. I got home at 11pm and packed until right now. I was going to go to bed when I walked in and was delighted to see Mr. Bishop asleep on my pillows guarding his baby sister. Seriously, how cute is that? I wake up all the time to find him asleep with his head in her bed, he has a need to guard her and be close to her, its just so sweet.

And yes, she always sleeps with her hands behind her head....nice and relaxed. Mr. Bishop woke up from the flash of the camera, but he still hasn't moved so I can go to sleep. I guess I'll just have to move him myself.
I managed to call the company that supplies us with all of Maryam's medical supplies. It turns out they have a distribution center in Palm Desert. So, we just have to have the account transferred there and we won't have a lapse in her oxygen supply or her feeding supplies. I also found a pharmacy near us to fill all of her prescriptions and a pediatrician office that I'll call on Monday to find out which pediatrician has the most experience with preemies. We're almost all packed up, FINALLY! Its not easy to do when Brett's at work all day and I'm home with Maryam. She just doesn't like me doing anything but playing with her! We have friends coming over this weekend to help us pack, my parents are coming on Sunday to help us drive the cars and bring up all of Maryam's medical supplies, and on Sunday night more friends are coming to pack up the U-Haul. Brett should be coming to the deuce on Monday. Crazy busy weekend!!!!!! Hopefully I'll find the time to update the blog, if not, please forgive me!!!!
Grandpa Langdon, if you're reading this....Happy Birthday!!!!!
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