Friday, August 24, 2007

Doctors, Cousins and Slings, Oh My!

Wow, what a few days!!! Thursday Sarah and I took Maryam & Charlie with us to try to find a sling that Maryam would like. And we did!!! Sarah had found this little shop called Parenting Concepts and they actually make the slings there. Its called a Sling Ezee and she LOVES it!!!!

Today we took Maryam to see her Opthomologist and Optometrist and we got good news! Her ROP is still gone and she doesn't have any side affects from the disease...yet. She has another appointment to see both in 4 months. Her Optometrist said that Maryam is still far sighted. Her Opthomologist said that her far sightedness has gotten worse and if she were over a year old (adjusted) he would write her a prescription. But he thinks since she is still so young and since she has had severe ROP and one of the side affects is near sightedness, that her eyes may adjust naturally and correct themselves.

ALSO....Maryam took a whole ounce by mouth today! I know its not a huge volume, but seriously, some is better than none, ALWAYS! I plan to celebrate every little milliliter that she takes orally, because right now, it is a HUGE deal!!

After the doctors visits Sarah and I took Maryam and Charlie shopping in their slings. They did so good! They both just pretty much fell asleep while Sarah and I went from store to store. It was GREAT! I finally had a free hand! I forgot what it was like to have hands....they're usually FULL!!!!!

As you can see we had fun dressing the girls alike today! Aren't they adorable??? In the top photo they're actually holding hands!!! Too cute!

Here we are with the girls in our slings! I know, can you believe mine isn't pink? Trust me!!! I tried, they didn't have one! Can you believe that crap? Maryam has to actually be seen in something other than pink!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that her eyes look good, that is a blessing. Okay, now Charlie Mae looks like Sarah! Maryam looks like she is really happy to be around her cousin. How cute is that. And I love the slings and the color and pattern, very nice. I think that is going to help you out a lot. I'm glad you got to hang out with your sister. I think she really needed that. The two little ones are going to be close, probably more like sisters. Well it sounds like you are setteling in. Take care, love, Marietta

Anonymous said...

So happy that things are going good. Happy to hear that Maryam took her milk from the bottle. The babies looked darling in their outfits. You and Sarah looked great too. Sounds liked you had a great time. Take Care, Love Anna