Wednesday, August 22, 2007

GREAT news!!!!!

Well, did we have quite the day or what? Maryam took 120 mils/ 4 ounces of milk from her bottle today!!!!! Now grant it that not all of the milk was swallowed....but she definitely sucked 4 ounces out of her bottles today!!!! Dr. Bromberger (One of Maryam's Neonatologists) called this afternoon to check on her. I tell you what, she is GREAT for my ego and an abundance of information! She tried to reassure me that Maryam not taking the bottle was by no means my fault and that I've done everything right and that her not taking the bottle "is the nature of the beast." In essence, she went on to explain that Maryam probably never learned to suck, swallow and breath like we had originally thought and that all this time she had been relying on her sucking reflex. She was too busy concentrating on breathing and staying alive to pay attention when it came time to learn to eat from the bottle.
Also, we got in contact with Regional Center of the Inland Empire today. In the next two weeks we should be getting a call to set up an appointment with an occupational therapist and a physical therapist to work with Maryam on her eating. Dr. Bromberger recommended that Maryam have both and if the Regional Center has a speech therapist that specializes in eating problems that Maryam will eventually see that person too. Apparently, babies who learn to eat later often times learn to speak later too. Dr. Bromberger suggested that I keep doing what I'm doing as far as teaching her sign language, constantly talking to her and singing to her to encourage her to develop the muscles necessary to eat and talk.
In addition, we're going to try to start Maryam on pureed foods soon. Dr. Bromberger wants us to start with rice cereal and then move on to other foods. However, she doesn't want me to start using a spoon with her until after she is seen by an OT so that I learn the proper way to use it. So, for starters I'm to put food on Maryam's fingers and see if she puts them in her mouth. I'm also supposed to put food on her lips and have her lick it off and also on my fingers and put them in her mouth and see how she reacts to that. She is also going to send me some medicine cups to see if Maryam will drink the formula from one of them, since sucking is so difficult.
I told Dr. Bromberger how I noticed that when Maryam is getting sleepy she is more apt to drink from the bottle and she, like me, agrees that its probably reflexive sucking but she said to encourage Maryam to keep doing that so that she doesn't loose the ability to suck all together. Also, we're to give her a bottle or food while she is being fed through the tube so that she doesn't lose the association of her mouth with getting full. Its VERY important that she associate her mouth with hunger, being full and getting full. If she loses that association, its very difficult to get it back.
All in all, talking to Dr. Bromberger made me feel loads better! She always tells me what a great job we're doing with her. And puts it all back in to perspective how far she's come and how well she truly is doing!
I'm still having trouble getting Maryam's prescriptions transferred up here to 29 Palms. So, we'll see how that goes over the next few days. Tomorrow we'll be in SD meeting with our realtor and Friday morning we'll be back in SD because Maryam has an opthomology apt and optometrist apt at 9:15. Pray that her eyes are still clear of ROP and that she hasn't developed any side affects from the disease.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been away from the computer for a few days and boy have you busy! Sounds like the move is over and that is a good thing and sounds like Maryam is doing better and up to al her challenges. Jennifer, you and Bret are doing a fantastic job, don't beat yourself up. Maryam has come a long way and she will do just fine. If she is a true Shanoian, once she gets the taste of food, she will have no problem loving it. And she will get stronger. Oh, I met Charlie Mae! She is adorable and seems to be a good baby. Sarah and Scott seem to be adjusting. It was nice visiting with them. Hang in there and I hope your house sells quickly. Give my love to your Mom & Dad. Always, Marietta

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that she took so much of her bottle & you had a great talk with her doc.! Keeping you all in our prayers!