Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rice cereal and roles..

Maryam had her first taste of "food" today. First we mixed rice cereal with her formula and she seemed to like it. She spit some of it out and swallowed some of it too, but from what I hear, that's normal for babies to do. Our cousin Marcy is going to email me the name of a book that has recipes for home made pureed baby food. Once I get that I'll start making her some different foods to try. I also tried giving her some formula in a sippy cup. That didn't go so well. She just kind of gagged and dribbled it out. Dr. Bromberger said she'd send me some medicine cups to see how Maryam reacts to formula from that kind of cup. The plan is for her to take all of her formula by mouth "some how" so we can take the darn tube out. Of course that isn't going to happen over night......but I'm determined to make it happen.

I gave Maryam a nice long bath today because she had the rice cereal all over her! She even managed to get it in her hair. Dr. Bromberger suggested putting the food on her hands and fingers so when she stuck them in her mouth she'd taste and feel the food on her lips and tongue from her own fingers. Well, as soon as I put the cereal on her hands and fingers, she put her hands and fingers on her toys, her head, her ears, her eye lids, but NO WHERE near her mouth! Smart cookie this one. But how cute is it that she's playing with her rubber ducky?

After her bath we went to Granny Sharon and Papa Mike's house to play. She nearly rolled over! It was MAJOR! She got her entire body over all by herself and then got stuck on her arm. She got kind of stuck in that position and I think it scared her a little. But once I helped her over, she tried to keep on rolling. It was hysterical....she was able to role back over on to her back from her tummy, but I think a lot of that has to do with gravity helping her out.
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Anonymous said...

Aah, how adorable is she. She is coming a long way and you are so good with her. She is one spoiled cookie, oh well, what else is there to do but spoil the girls. I'm glad everything is moving in the right direction for our angel. Keep up the good work. Love to all, Marietta

Christi said...

Just wait, pretty soon she'll roll right off the bed ;) Maybe even a couple of times!