Monday, August 27, 2007

Maryam in a Moroccan gown

Maryam the Moroccan! This dress she is wearing is one of the dresses my mommy dressed me in when I was a little baby. Its 30 years old!!! Did that stop Maryam from detaching her syringe from her feeding tube and spilling milk all over it? OF COURSE NOT!!! My camera died while we were taking pictures and we took more with my mom's camera but I can't find it. I'll look for it in the morning and post more pictures of her in her pretty dress, before she tried to ruin it!
She did better on her feedings today. She still isn't taking the bottle like she should be. But she doesn't seem to be protesting it as much as she once was. And she's taking the rice cereal better today too. So, I think she's becoming more accustomed to it. She hasn't even pretended to drink the formula from the medicine cup. She lets me pour it into her mouth and then just spits it out. And boy, does she spit!! All over me. She must find it totally amusing. I, however, do not. But with a face like that, I just can't get mad....I just laugh along with her!
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Anonymous said...

I love the dress! How cute she is and of course you can't get mad at her, she rules! Glad everything seems to be going well, take care, love, Marietta

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the picture of her looking at her feet. That is just too cute. She is a stinker. She is almost like Mom was after her lung operation. She stopped eating and went into starvation mode. It took sometime for us to get her interested in food again. I just gave her small portions so she wasn't too overwhelmed. It took sometime for her brain to realize that food was energy and a necessity. I use to give her Ensure, which she hated, so she started forcing herself to eat. Do they have baby Ensure? At least she would be getting all her vitimins. Maybe she would like homemade eggnod. Just a thought, as if you haven't heard a million of them. Maryam will eventually get the hang of it. She is just too smart for her pants! Hang in there! Hope all is well. Love, Marietta