Tuesday, August 7, 2007

She's on track!

Maryam had her first appointment with the Preemie Follow-up Clinic today. She'll be 8 months in 2 days, but her motor skills, weight, height and head circumference are all measured in relation to her adjusted age, which is 4 months and 1 week. She really was born EARLY! First she was weighed and measured, she's 10 pounds 13.8 ounces and is 24 1/2 inches long. (I'd say tall, but she doesn't stand!) She doesn't even hit the chart on weight for a 4 month old, but she's over 50% on height. Next she was seen by another Occupational Therapist. She said her motor skills are actually better than the average 4 month old except for the fact that she's not rolling over. She was told ahead of time by Maryam's Neonatologist that she was REALLY close to rolling over before the surgery, that she in fact almost accomplished the task in her bed warmer on the day of her surgery, but was stopped by Plexiglas! The occupational therapist wasn't concerned though, because she's already back on her tummy and lifting her head and trying desperately to roll! She did everything like she was supposed to, she showed off her tummy time skills, she held every toy the OT handed her, followed the toys with her eyes and turned her head when she heard noise. And Maryam "talked" the whole time! She just kept cooing and smiling and laughing the whole time we played on the mat.
After the OT was finished, Maryam's Neonatologist Dr. Bromberger came in for her exam. She went over Maryam's medicines with me again. And then we went over different feeding strategies to help eliminate the cramping and encourage bottle feeds, while still trying to get to her minimum volume and calorie requirements for the day. After we were finished with that, she did an exam. Dr. Bromberger kept complimenting Maryam on her disposition and how well she looked. She said her head is nice and round (Thank God, we heard the word helmet several times while we were in the nursery and since we've been home. I've worked VERY hard on trying to get her head nice and round so we wouldn't need to put her in one.) and that it was very obvious that I work very hard with her keeping her on pace developmentally. Then she went on to tell me about potential developmental issues she may have in the future. Very small preemies tend to have more severe developmental issues than other babies and preemies. She informed me of cerebral palsy and verbal issues that may come up later on. When Maryam is 18 months if there are even the slightest signs of cerebral palsy they will do a neurological test to check if she has it. Dr. Bromberger said that when babies have brain hemorrhages many times they also have cerebral palsy, fortunately Maryam's brain scans all came back negative while she was in the nursery, so we probably don't even need to worry about it. As for the other developmental issues that can come up, we just have to wait and see. One milestone at a time!!! One day at a time for that matter!
After Dr. Bromberger was finished she gave me some forms to get a new OT and home health nurse after we move. And then Maryam's happy day took a dramatic turn. She had to get shots. Poor thing didn't see it coming. I distracted her with her favorite toy while the nurses poked one needle into one leg and another into the other leg. Thankfully she only cried for about 30 seconds when she got distracted by yet another toy. She didn't have any side affects from the shots, so I'm sure she's forgotten all about them by now!
All in all the visit was fantastic! Both Dr. Bromberger and Diane the OT said that Maryam is doing very well and appears to be a very happy baby and is developing the way she should!
Our little fighter hasn't stopped fighting yet! Thank you to you all for your continuing love, support and prayers!!!
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jim said...

Awesome! Maryam is a trooper!! Hopefully I'll get a chance to see you guys towards the end of the month. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a good visit with the doc. Maryam is lucky to have such wonderful parents. All of you keep up the good work. Always in our thoughts and prayers. Tell Sarah see has a darling baby too!! Love Anna

Anonymous said...

Boy that was quite a visit.Sounds like everything is on track. Good job. Love you guys, Marietta