Monday, August 6, 2007

She'll suck on anything except her bottle...what's up with that?

Well, Maryam saw her pediatrician this morning. She can't get over how good she looks! We found another rogue stitch last night, so Dr. Ratnezar pulled it out for us. We tried to feed Maryam while the doc watched, but she either had stage fright or just wasn't hungry, because she didn't even pretend to take the bottle. She just kind of played with it and cried....pretty typical reaction really. The doc ordered another upper GI which will be on Thursday. She wants to see if Maryam's tummy is just emptying too slow and maybe that's why she's not getting hungry in a typical time frame. Maryam can go 5 hours without getting hungry, I don't know any 4 month olds that don't want to eat after 5 hours. This morning she went over 6 and still wouldn't take her bottle. So, we'll have to see what's causing it. Tomorrow we have an apt. at the Preemie Follow up Clinic. Dr. Bromberger, one of her Neonatologists runs this clinic, so it should be interesting to see what the appointment entails. On Thursday we have an apt. with her surgeon and the upper GI....I'm going to be busy this week! Brett will be out of town tomorrow so it will be just me and Maryam. Too bad I can't train Mr. Bishop to fetch her bottles and syringes and carry the oxygen tank for me! That would be great!

Well, this is what Maryam thinks of her oxygen cannula....why wear it, when I can suck on it? She's too cute.
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Anonymous said...

I laughed when I saw that picture. She couldn't be any cuter!! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you. You'll be in our prayers.Love Anna

Anonymous said...

HELLO, I've been away from the computer for a few days and now just got caught up. I love the outfit she wore to meet her cousin Charlie, they are both too cute! Sarah looks good too! Sorry to hear little Maryam is having some adjustment problems, maybe she just likes being feed through the stomach and the heck with sucking. I hope all the test turn out good for her and she doesn't have to go through anymore surgeries. It must be so tiring for you, but you are doing a great job but do try and get rest when she is resting. My love to all, Marietta

Anonymous said...

Wish you could all spend less time at the Drs. Know our prayers for strength are with you..especially with Brett traveling around. Love, Aunt Helen