Sunday, August 5, 2007

Maryam meets Charlie!

Today Maryam got to meet her cousin Charlie! We put them on the floor together and guess what? Charlie's feet are already larger than Maryam's!!! How cute is that? We had fun at Sarah and Scott's house holding Charlie and hearing her cry. She's LOUD!! Its so cute!!! Maryam still has partial vocal cord paralysis so we're not use to a baby crying so loud, it sure is cute!
Scott goes back to work tomorrow, so Sarah will be on her own with Charlie, I'm sure she'll do wonderfully. Maryam has several doctor apts. this week. Tomorrow she's seeing her pediatrician, she wants to see her eat and see the discomfort for herself to help diagnose what the problem could be. Wish us luck!!!
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Anonymous said...

It sure was cute to see the two little cousins together. They are both soooo cute. Bet they will be best buds. We will be waiting to hear what the doc has to say. You are always in our prayers. Julie and family left for Washington State to visit Nathan's grandma so I will keep her posted. Take Care.Love Anna