Friday, August 3, 2007

Daddy's Home!!!!!

Brett came home today from yet another week long business trip! Maryam was VERY happy to see him! She sat on his lap for what seemed like hours! She was just so happy to see him and hear his voice.
Maryam's pediatrician called today after hearing about the troubles she has been having. She too wants to experiment to see what we can do to fix her back up! We're meeting with her on Monday morning at 9am. She wants to watch her eat and see what happens immediately following the feeding to see the discomfort for herself. Today Maryam's home health nurse came by for her weekly visit and got to experience the feeding first hand. She couldn't get over the difference of how she looked just the week before. She was alarmed by this and called Maryam's pediatrician. So, hopefully soon, we'll be able to figure out a way to fix the pain she is having after her feedings. Wish us luck!!!! We hope you all are doing well!!!
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Anonymous said...

Hi! Is she a daddy's girl or what!! Your i n our prayers and I know that they will get everything worked out . She sounds like she is in good hands. Take care. Love Anna