Thursday, August 2, 2007

Doctor's orders...

I took Maryam in today to meet with her surgeon. He pulled out a few rogue stitches from the hole where her G-tube comes out. I guess they just hadn't dissolved yet. She bled a little and cried some, but all in all, it was fine. He said the site looks clean and he couldn't see anything visibly wrong with her. He suggested a few tweaks in the way we feed her. His recommendation is that we feed her as much as she'll take by nipple during the day and make up the difference at night. To do that we'll have to do a steady drip for 30 mils an hour over the entire night. But as little food as she's taking orally during the day, its not mathematically possible. YET. His theory is that she'll get hungrier more frequently when we're not manually filling her belly. So, after a few days she should be taking the bottle more frequently and working her way up to a larger volume. I'm a bit skeptical of this approach, but I guess time will tell.
If she isn't doing better by next week, the plan is to bring her in for another upper GI. He said that her tummy is 1/3 smaller than it was before the surgery, so it will take some time to stretch it out again. He also said that it takes a while for the stomach to empty normally, so right now, its emptying slower than she's use to and keeping her full longer than she's use to. In 4 weeks, we go back for an upper GI and to have her button put in.
Other than that, all of her nurses and docs just ogled at her when she came back for the visit. It really is amazing just how much they love her!


Anonymous said...

We hope that this plan of action works for you all! Our prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

Once again...forgot to sign my post! Oops...Julie