Thursday, July 26, 2007

Maryam came home!!!!

I know I was curious what Maryam's incision looked like, so I imagine that some of you are too! Well, here it is. It actually looks pretty good. Dr. Bromberger made this tape bridge to help stop her or us from pulling her tube out.

This is out little punkin relaxing in her nursing scrubs before she had to come home. She ended up coming home on 1/4 the amount of oxygen that she went in on! We're SO proud of her! She's at 1/16 liter of oxygen per minute. She went in on 1/4!!! She is definitely our little miracle baby!

Here is daddy feeding her. She took 70 mils at her 4:00pm feeding at 80 mils at her 8:00pm feeding. 80 is a record for her!! Her total feeding amount is 100 mils every 4 hours. We just poured the remainder of the formula into the syringe and watched it drip into her tummy. She's handling them all REALLY well! You can see in this picture that her formula came up into the syringe at the end of her feeding tube. That's because that's the easiest place for it to go. We have to keep that open like that while we're feeding her and then for 1/2 after we're finished. She doesn't seem to mind it at all, in fact, she seems like she's actually enjoying eating now!!!

Here is our little punkin all ready for bed. She is just too cute! And definitely HAPPY to be home!!! And we couldn't be happier to have her! OMG, Mr. Bishop went NUTS when he saw her! It was so cute! I guess he missed her as much as we did.
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Anonymous said...

We are SO happy you are all home together. Wish we could give you hugs..but Seattle is just too far away! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Auntie Helen

Anonymous said...

Hello, Only me again. So glad you are home and Maryam looks so happy, now you can enjoy your little one. One question, will that tube be in her stomach for long or is it permanent? Boy, I think you are going to have a hard time keeping her down, with those eyes, she looks like she is going to be full of it. So much fun and congrats on becoming a Auntie and Uncle, Charlie Mae is just beautiful. Hope to talk to you soon, love, Marietta

Anonymous said...

So glad to read you all were home.Glad everything went well. I had the same question that Marietta had? Bet Maryam is happy to be home. She is just a doll!Take care. Love Anna

Anonymous said...

These old bitties are taking up all the space on Maryam's blog! Just kidding Marietta & Mom! Maryam is just a one popular girl! I am so glad she is home. Congrats! Please send Sarah my love & tell her she has a pretty baby! Wonderful news to come home to! Another cousin & Maryam is home! All is well! Take care...