Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 8...Maryam's coming home tomorrow!

Maryam gets to come home tomorrow!!! Hooray! Dr. Bromberger ordered her Kangaroo Pet Pump, which is a portable feeding pump and all the necessary equipment to go with it and once we've learned to use it, we'll be on our way home! She's coming home on 1/16 liter of oxygen per minute! That's WONDERFUL! She went in on 1/4 liter per minute!! HUGE STEPS!!!! We're so proud of her!!!!
Her surgeon Dr. Canty came by this afternoon and took the dressing off of her incision and said it looks great! So, we're all clear! I'll let you know when she's home. We're going first thing in the morning, hopefully we'll get to bring her home early!
You know, she has the most amazing caregivers in the whole wide world, we're very fortunate to have met such wonderful nurses and doctors. I just couldn't thank them enough for all that they do. I know her fighting spirit has helped her get through all that she's gone through, but I also know that she didn't do it alone. She has angels, family, friends, nurses and doctors all looking out for her. She's very blessed. Thank you to ALL of you!
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Anonymous said...

So happy to hear Maryam is on her way back home. you must be so excited to have her all to yourself again. Such good news to hear. I'm staying at Julie's with Michael while they are out of town. Michael is 16 months and a very busy little boy,so needless to say I,ve been very busy too. He doesn,t sleep so good in my crib at my house that,s why I,m at her house. Thank you for the good news! Take care. Love Anna