Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More eating progress

Maryam had a GREAT eating day again today. For breakfast she decided she wanted a pancake. And the way we make pancakes we can get 500-600 calories in her with one pancake! For lunch she had a bowl (1 cup) of soup, which is another 350 calories. The big news is her dinner. She ate hamburger helper, NOT pureed and mac & cheese NOT pureed!!!! How amazing is that? When we were at CHOC we were always trying to get her to eat mac & cheese and she just wouldn't do it. Tonight she saw Papa eating it and started stealing from him! After about two bites she decided that she needed her own bowl of mac & cheese! Hooray!!! Then for dessert she ate actual ice cream! It was the funniest thing ever. Every time she took a bite her whole body would do this little shake because of how cold the ice cream was in her mouth. It was hysterical! After about two bites from Mommy Maryam decided that she needed her own bowl of ice cream too. Daddy made her a bowl of Cool Whip and ice cream and she ate most of it! After the ice cream she decided for her "nack" she wanted pepperoni. She polished off 6 pieces of pepperoni and then requested a Hershey Bar. I didn't give her a whole Hershey bar because by this time it was almost 10pm. So, she got 4 pieces which is 68 more calories.
Maryam is making HUGE strides in textures. She still prefers the purees and does far better with them than with whole foods that require her to chew first before swallowing. But she is trying so hard. Last night for dinner she wanted a taco SO bad. We gave her a bowl full of taco meat and she ate it all gone! This morning when she woke up she wanted more taco, but settled on pancakes instead.
Its really nice being able to cook for my child. Its even nicer hearing her ask for a particular food, try it and eat it all up! Its amazing. I know its an everyday occurrence for most moms, and it isn't really a big deal to most, but for us its HUGE. On Sunday we're going to try to start potty training. I'd really like for Maryam to be out of diapers before our little guy is born. Wish her luck!
Tomorrow Daddy is taking Maryam to Disneyland. Mommy can't go because my blood pressure has been really high the past week. Hopefully he'll remember the camera and I'll be able to post super cute photos of them enjoying Daddy/Daughter Day!

Maryam has pulled her button out twice this week. I'm thinking she wants to get rid of it as much as we do! We went ahead and replaced the old button with a new one so hopefully that will make it harder for her to pull it out. I know she's only doing it because it bugs her so much. So Mommy has to get on the ball and really start teaching her to take her meds by mouth. I was really hoping her therapist Dawn could help us with this, but its taking Kaiser FOREVER to approve Maryam's OT. I just don't want to do anything wrong that could scar her from ever wanting to take them orally. Thankfully there are only 2 meds in the morning and 5 at night. The real problem I think is going to be the Chinese herb she's supposed to take 30 minutes before each meal, it smells and tastes DISGUSTING! Ha!

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knuts2knit said...

YAY Maryam! What an amazing day!! So proud of you!
BIG ((HUGS)) from Ohio-
Ellen & Ally