Friday, August 21, 2009

Pregnancy News

Non Maryam related news. I had a peri appointment yesterday. So far, so good. I'm 30w 1d and he's measuring at 30w 5d approximately 3lbs 11ozs and in the 65th percentile. I think its odd that he's not even born yet and we're already comparing him to the rest of the population. We have no real news on his left kidney issue. Only that my doctor thinks its some sort of duplication anomaly. Oh how I love the word anomaly attached to both my pregnancies..... I have to schedule another big ultrasound so that a radiologist, geneticist and urologist can look at both his kidneys and try and diagnose the issue before he's born. My doctor seems to think that he has either two kidneys fused together on the left or he has one kidney that has to ureters draining into one place causing a blockage. The kidney has a kink in the ureter causing it to be HUGE. Its full of amniotic fluid and is currently the same size as his stomach. Nothing will be done until he's born. When he's born the doctors will do a bunch of tests to see where the blockage is, determine the severity and then develop a plan of action for fixing it. From what my doctor says, he's going to need surgery for sure, but we won't know when the surgery will be until they can determine the severity of the damage.
Anyway, it doesn't seem like too big of a deal. At least not compared to all of the issues Maryam had at birth.
I go back on September 2nd at which time we'll schedule my C-Section for sometime in the 38th-39th week. After that appointment I'll be going in once a week until he's born! Wish us luck!!!!

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