Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We have an eating Maryam!!!!!

Here is a picture of Baby BFF's Maryam and Anna Banana sharing a cookie and a chair. Its nice when they share things, usually what I hear is "MINE! SHARE!!!!"
This is dirt baby turned mud baby! Daddy was rinsing something off in the backyard and Maryam took the opportunity to take a mud bath in the big puddle that was left behind. Her pretty white sandals aren't so pretty or white anymore.

Here is a photo of Daddy helping Maryam jump into the puddle. When you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Right?

Yesterday Maryam ate really well! For breakfast she ate a few ounces of pureed cinnamon roll and Anna had some solid cinnamon roll. I sent a text to Chrissy telling her that "my kid ate more than your kid for breakfast!" It felt kind of nice to be able to brag! Ha! For lunch Maryam asked for a hot dog and so she had a hot dog. She ate almost all of it! I think I've already mentioned that the recipe calls for one hot dog and 1/4 cup of nacho cheese, so the total amount of food is 1/2c prepared. Not bad for Maryam! For her afternoon snack she ate about 15 BBQ Lay's chips, YUMMY! And for dinner she ate a ton of spaghetti and drank over 3 ounces of strawberry Pediasure. If anyone knows anyone who works for Pediasure and wants to kick down a few cases of strawberry, give them my number! Ha! When she got tired of spaghetti we added more sauce and the sauce made it more appealing to her. We learned that trick with mashed potatoes and gravy. When the potatoes weren't enough anymore, ADD GRAVY! YUM.
Today Maryam's eating was even better than yesterday! I'm not supposed to measure how much food she eats, but I got kind of nervous on Friday and Saturday when her intake seemed rather low compared to normal. So today I measured some stuff. I didn't measure how much she ate, I only measured how much I served. I guessed the amount of which she ate based on how much was left after her meals. For example, I measured that I gave Maryam 1/3c of cinnamon roll for breakfast today (pureed) and she ate it all! Woohoo! At lunch I got super ambitious and measured out a full cup (8ozs) of cream of chicken soup and guess what? SHE ATE IT ALL! YES! Maryam ate 1 full cup of cream of chicken soup! How crazy rad is that? It took Yaya and Papa celebrating the last 6 spoon fulls to get her to finish, but she did!! Then for her afternoon snack she ate 10 SUPER HUGE Cheetos Cheese Puffs and drank 3 ozs of strawberry Pediasure! HOORAY! Tonight we're going to try pureed meatloaf with gravy, wish us luck!

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knuts2knit said...

I'm just flabbergasted! Go Maryam!!!! You are totally rockin' this whole eating thing! I'm practically jumping up and down reading this latest update! Woohoo!!!
((HUGS)) Ellen & Ally

knuts2knit said...

I love it! I just noticed that Brett is completely off the ground in that one picture! LOL! Too funny.

Katie said...

That is wonderful!