Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great eating day!

For breakfast Maryam had a pureed PB&J from the high calorie recipe book that we got from the dietitians at CHOC. She ate about 1/2c of it which is about 600 cals! CRAZY! For lunch Maryam ate "hot dog surprise" which is another 300 cals or so. For dinner she wanted spaghetti like the rest of us. So I pureed some spaghetti for her, but then she changed her mind. She ate about 7 bites, VERY SLOWLY and then asked for soup. I gave her a whole cup of cream of chicken soup (8 ozs) and she ate all of it in under 20 minutes! How incredibly RAD is that? AND she drank a whole bottle of strawberry pediasure today mixed with DuoCal. That means that she had another 355 cals or so! HOORAY!!!! I couldn't be more pleased.
And for those of you who read yesterday's post, Maryam did like meatloaf! I mixed it with brown gravy and pureed it to a pasty consistency and she actually asked for more! Kelly does make some yummy meatloaf!

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