Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here is Maryam playing doctor on Mickey Mouse. You has a Band Aid on his right leg from where she had given him a shot. That's also why he has a sticker on his chest. You think she's had a few too many shots? Hmmmm. In the above photo she's checking his mouth for an "ear infection". She's definitely been to the doctor a few too many times!!!!! He pediatrician always checks her throat when she has an ear infection. Bizarre how good her memory is.
Here Maryam is taking a splinter out of Mickey's other knee. Too cute.
In the photo here Maryam is taking Mickey's temperature. She has the thermometer under his arm like we do when we check her temp. Too cute.
And then in this picture Marya mis playing Wii Baseball. She's totally and completely addicted to Wii. She wakes up every morning asking to watch "Your Baby Can Read" and then immediately after that is over, "Wii pease."

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