Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Well, we've had the first two appointments at CHOC this morning. The first was with the psychologist Cindy and the social worker Lee. They went over our very rigorous schedule. My goodness we are going to be busy!!!!
After that appointment Maryam had a feeding therapy appointment that went fairly well! She responded quickly to the reward therapy with a book. Basically every time Maryam took a bite and swallowed the OT Melina turned the page. Maryam ate half a jar of pureed sweet potatoes! Hooray!
We just checked into our room at RMH. I'm going to give Maryam her bolus then we have to head back to CHOC for her GI appointment.
Hopefully I'll have good news to report tonight or tomorrow.
Hugs to all of you keeping Maryam in your thoughts and prayers!
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