Friday, April 17, 2009

A couple stories

A few days ago Maryam walks out and I say "hiya punkin baby!" and she replies "hiya punkin mommy!"

Every since we took Maryam to see Monsters v. Aliens she's been asking to watch it everyday. Its killing me! The other day we were watching an episode of Charlie and Lola and there was a scene where Lola's friend comes over and she's peering through a hole. Maryam yes, "Monster eyes!" and I explain to her that just because they're eyes doesn't mean they're monster eyes. She has an Elmo lift and look book that when you lift the flap there are monster eyes. So, I explain that those eyes belong to Lola's friend. And then I explain that monsters don't have to be scary, they can be your friend. Like Cookie Monster and Elmo etc. Skip to 10 or 15 minutes later when Maryam yells "OH NO! Anna Chalie Monsters" and I ask why they're monsters and Maryam replies, "monsters friends." Cute child logic, gets me every time.

Maryam is feeling MUCH better. Last night she slept through the night and today she hasn't stopped running! She'll stop long enough to tell me "Mommy tube" when she's hungry, but that's about it. She still gets out of breath really easy, but she catches her breath pretty quick and then is off again.

We got a call from our coordinator for CHOC a few days ago. We have to spend the night at the Ronald McDonald House on the 21st because they have scheduled 5 appointments in 2 days. We have 3 on the 21st and 2 on the 22nd. Maryam will be having a feeding therapy session with the OT, then a psych evaluation with the psychologist and social worker. After that she has to have a health assessment by the GI doc. The next day she'll have another psych eval and feeding session. Once those are all done, we should be notified whether or not everything is a go for May 4th. Wish us luck!!!!

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Palak said...

jen, oh my gosh, she's looking like such a big girl already! she is so pretty! her hair has gotten so long!

my prayers are always with you. i know how much you want this and need this to happen. i want this so badly for you and i'm praying really hard today for Maryam to pass.