Friday, January 9, 2009

Silly Baby

Maryam walked in holding her potty seat and said "my potty". Then she put it on the floor and said "on". THEN, she put it over her head.
And decided to wear it!
Crazy baby!!! Luckily she hasn't used it yet! Or that would just be plain gross!!!!
We got a call this morning from the Kaiser Pediatric Surgical Unit in Fontana. They decided to change surgeons in stead of waiting for the surgeon to come back from vacation. So, they squeezed her in to the schedule for Monday morning. The scheduler that called said that they squeezed us in to OR time so we may have a bit of a wait. But that the referral sounded urgent and Maryam should be seen ASAP.
Hopefully Monday won't be as stressful and I'm envisioning it to be. So far this month has been a total nightmare!!! Well, it can always be worse, and I know that!

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The Shultzs said...

Love the potty seat pictures! Too Cute. :-)
Praying everything goes well and Maryam will be back to her feisty self very soon. :-)

Kimberly said...

Hey Jen-
Maryam looks absolutely adorable in the profile pic on her blog...such a lover. Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you lots during this time and hope for nothing but the best on Monday. You have all been through an incredible amount and have been put to the test countless times. Especially your sweet girl. Though I haven't met her, I can see the determination and the strength in her eyes. Aside from that, she pulls great strength from you and Brett (and Mr. Bishop, too). Keep your head high and grab all the positive energy people are sending your deserve it and so does M.