Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3 days of Christmas, day 1

We had Christmas with the Langdons tonight. Maryam got a ton of cool toys. She got some more Mega Blocks, a Radio Flyer Scooter, a few dolls, and her favorite toy was the pink shield and sword that her cousins gave her. The picture is below.
Maryam with a My Little Pony.
Maryam with her pink sword and shield.
Maryam happy with all the Christmas presents she opened!

I FINALLY got Maryam on the schedule to see her GI doc. The appointment was for Friday at 3pm. He finally called us back and decided she needed to be seen before that. So, now we're going to be one of his three appointments at 10 am tomorrow. He's convinced that its her button. It sounds like he's going to take the button out and put a Gtube back in....only for 2 weeks. He said, if the pain is button related, it should be gone within 2 weeks. So, its only temporary...but how do I stop her from pulling the darn thing out? UGH...I'm so frustrated!!!!!!
I'll update more tomorrow, you know, when I actually have some news.
Hope everyone else has a wonderful Christmas Eve!!!!! We're looking forward to dinner at my parents with "the Greats"!

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