Saturday, November 1, 2008

Twas a Happy Halloween!!

Family portrait. Daddy, Mommy Mickey and cute.
Here is Maryam Mouse checking out our Jack O'Lanterns. She pointed to them and said "hot."
Here is Maryam walking around out front. As you can see, she dug up one of Daddy's Halloween decorations. She later used the bone hand to dig in the sand and scratch Yaya and Mr. Bishop's backs!
Here is Maryam out front again, this time she's petting Mr. Bishop, AKA Mickey Mouse.

We had a good night. We took Maryam over to see Brett's parents, Mike and Sharon and my parents. My parents came over later and brought us dinner. We had other visitors come by the house too! We had the cast of Peter Pan (Leanne's family) and the cast of Alice in Wonderland (The Carnes/McGrorty Clans). I have to tell you, they were all adorable! Austin and Madeline as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell were adorable!!!! And Ian, Anna and Emma as the White Rabbit, Alice and The Queen of Hearts were Fabulous!
We hope that everyone had a GREAT and SAFE Halloween!
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