Monday, November 17, 2008


I got a call from Kaiser today and found out that the referral to go to Children's Hospital of Orange County Feeding Clinic was APPROVED!!!!!! Hooray! Maryam will go for an evaluation in January. After that we meet with the team which consists of 10 different specialists where we come up with a plan and goals for Maryam. If all goes well Maryam will be in a three week inpatient intensive feeding clinic by February!
Everyone wish us luck and say lots of prayers!
Words just can't describe how happy I am. Only Brett knows how many nights I've spent on the Internet in tears looking for answers. Having a baby that doesn't eat is frustrating, scary, sad, and a blessing. I've learned much from these experiences, patience and tolerance being two of the major virtues I now hold close to my heart. But I would do anything, short of breaking the law, to get Maryam to eat like a normal toddler. And now it looks like that might finally happen. At the very least we're taking a huge step in the right direction.
Thanks again for all of your support. Brett and I may be her parents, but most of our family and many of our friends are helping us raise her in some way or another. Its true what they say about it taking a village....ours is just virtual through this blog! Thanks again everyone.

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KCMommy2Twins said...

You are absolutely in our prayers (as always). I teared up reading this post... I love Kaiser!