Monday, November 17, 2008

Playing Baby VSmile

We put in a Disney Cartridge first and she went nuts. She kept saying all the characters names instead of playing! Then we showed her the whole "cause and affect" of the shape keys and she didn't want to stop!
The only shapes she currently knows are heart and star, so we can say push the heart or star and she does it no problem. The only color she knows REALLY well is blue, so we can say push the blue triangle and she will. But the other 4 buttons on the board were barely touched! She didn't have much interest until she realized that if you touch them something new happens on the TV.
Shortly after she got the hang of it, Maryam's EI teacher came to the house. She had a good session and behaved well. She's still hung up on the word "no" so I've resorted to not asking anymore yes or no questions! I guess I'm smarter than I look my friends.
And, if you didn't notice, we're back to the wire rim glasses. She broke ANOTHER pair!
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