Friday, November 7, 2008

And the laughs just keep on coming....

So, Maryam likes to play her version of "tag". She chases me or Daddy and then we chase her back. The whole time we have to chant things like, "get the baby, get the baby, get the baby" or "get the mommy, get the mommy, get the mommy" or she loses all interest. Well, today I was playing chase with her when Daddy joined in too. I decided that I'd take a seat and watch the action unfold. At first Maryam was chasing Daddy and that was GREAT....then it was Daddy's turn to chase Maryam. Well Mr. Bishop DID NOT LIKE THAT! He started barking and growling at Daddy and finally bit Daddy's shorts growling and pulling him away from Maryam! It was hysterical! If he were a little boy I could just hear him saying, "leave my sister alone!"

Later in the afternoon we were over at Yaya and Papa's house visiting with Grams, Great Uncle Tonce, Great Auntie Karen and Great Auntie Kathy when they broke out a few gifts for Maryam. She opened one and it was a Backyardigans toy, then she opened the other and there were 3 books inside! She was so happy!!!! She took the books to Uncle Tom to read, she sat in his lap and turned the pages and he read to her. A little later Grams wanted me to open up birthday presents from her. I Let Maryam help. She tore the paper on the first package and unpacked some fuzzy pink slippers. She did not like the slippers at all and threw down the box! She started saying, "no toy" and pushed out her lower lip. So, I thought, let's try again! I held the next box while she unwrapped it. Again she was not happy! I pulled out two beautiful vests and she threw the box down and said again, "no toy". At which point she started to tear up, push out her bottom lip and push me!

Like I said, I may have had a "sick" baby, but I have a VERY normal toddler! Yay me!


Anonymous said...

You have a great toddler because you and Brett had done such a fabulous job of taking care of her! She' so beautiful!

knuts2knit said...

What a little stinker! LOL!
Normal toddler . . .isn't that a beutiful phrase??
((HUGS)) Ellen & Ally