Thursday, November 6, 2008


So, Brett and I just spent 20 minutes looking for his glasses. He said, maybe the baby took them. I said, ask her! He said, "Maryam, did you take Daddy's glasses?" She said, "noooooo". So we continued stripping the bed looking for them. I started looking in all of Maryam's usual hiding spaces; her toy chest, her diaper stacker, the Halloween tub that we still haven't put back in the garage, the toy basket in the living room, her kitchen and the trash can. I didn't find them anywhere! Then I hear, "I found them!" They were in the HAMPER! When I asked Maryam if she put Daddy's glasses in the hamper, she smiled at Daddy and said "noooooo."

1 comment:

The Shultzs said...

lol......that is too precious Jennifer. ;)
Glad you found them though. ;-)