Thursday, October 2, 2008

Maryam's Newest Accessory!

Glasses! Maryam got her glasses! Thanks Brian and Grams. The top picture is Maryam in her plastic Pooh glasses. They're a little bit too small. We're going to see if the local optometrist can make them fit. If not, we're going to have to order a different brand. Too bad because they're pink and Pooh! How freakin' perfect is that? Oh well.
Here is Maryam in her Flexon glasses. These ones fit better, but are still a little snug. BUT, she only tried taking them off once! How great is that? She started wearing them at 6:30 and fell asleep in them at 10:00pm! Do I have the best baby in the world or what?
In the bottom picture she's doing the sign for please. She wanted to suck on another Otter Pop. I think they help her with her teething issues. She doesn't want the pop opened, she just wants to suck on the cold plastic.
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The Shultzs said...

She is so precious Jennifer! :)
Her glasses look sweet! Glad she's keeping them on for you. :)

knuts2knit said...

I think I like the Flexon ones on her the best. . .I think they frame her eyes the best- Awesome that she's leaving them on! YAY Maryam! And you were worried. . LOL!
((HUGS)) from Ellen & Ally

Anonymous said...

So cute! That is amazing she's keeping them on! She looks precious!

Leanne said...

So cute!! That's so great she is wearing them so well.